Heart River Rum

Heart River Rum is meticulously hand-crafted with the finest ingredients available. Each bottle is made in a small-batch copper still. Every label, cap and seal is hand applied. Labels are autographed by a bottling specialist from Heart River.

Spiced Rum

Heart River Spiced Rum starts with Heart River Silver Rum and is then infused with a proprietary blend of spices and citrus. When the rum is finished, it is exceptionally smooth with an aroma that reminds you of home, by the fireside with friends and family.

One of the smoothest rums you’ll ever taste with notes of caramel, butter, fresh cinnamon, strong hint of fresh orange and with a clean finish. No added sugar or artificial flavors.

Silver Rum

Heart River Silver Rum is a small-batch, hand-distilled silver rum made from the finest ingredients available. The rum is aged in new American Oak barrels. These barrels are specifically made with charring to Heart River standards.

This resting, as it’s called, is what gives our silver rum a smooth, natural flavor and slight silver color. The predominant aromas are notes of butter, vanilla and earthy tones. It has a very clean, remarkably-smooth finish. No added sugar or artificial flavors.

Cinnamon Rum

The key ingredient is Heart River Silver Rum, which is then infused and aged with the finest cinnamon available. After infusing, the rum is bottled, giving it a rich cinnamon color.

It has a late-bodied flavor that carries the cinnamon note through to a crisp finish. All of this is achieved with no artificial flavors or colors added.

Coconut Rum

Heart River Coconut Rum starts its life as Heart River Silver Rum infused with rich natural coconut for a taste that transports you right to the beach.

With no added sugar or artificial flavoring, the body of this rum is surprisingly simple. Its almost-euphoric aroma focuses lightly on coconut, while drawing the coconut all the way through and after the finish.

Coffee Rum

Heart River Coffee Rum begins with award winning Heart River Silver Rum. Silver rum is then carefully infused with proprietary Colombian dark roast coffee beans.

Tasting notes are a rich Colombian dark coffee, followed by a smooth hint of silver rum, and a smooth creamy coffee finish. No artificial colors, flavors, or added sugar as always, just pure rum and coffee.