Heart River Rum is the pride of Big Dog Distilling Company. Distilled in Bismarck, North Dakota, the signature rum pays tribute to western North Dakota’s Heart River, by using only the purest heart of the rum.

Heart River Rum starts with meticulously sourced raw ingredients, which are hand crafted, from start to finish, with no artificial flavors or colors.

Our rum is distilled in single-run, copper-pot stills that are designed to bring out the smoothest and richest flavor profiles available.

Enjoy America’s top-shelf rum!

Meet the Rum-arkable Crew

Meet the Culprit: Alejandro “Mixmaster Mischief” Saenz

Wanted for the Unlawful Sale of Taste Bud-tingling Elixirs!

Alias: Mixmaster Mischief
Occupation: Bartender & House Mixologist
Mugshot Mischief: Infamous for mixing up concoctions that leave patrons delightfully delinquent.
Signature Offense: The Illegal Sale of Alcohol, one cocktail at a time.

Alejandro Saenz, the rogue mixologist, is our not-so-secret weapon behind the bar. Armed with a shaker and a smirk, he commits the heinous crime of making every sip irresistibly illicit. His cocktails are so good; they should be behind bars!

Known Associates: Rum, Tequila, and a notorious gang of garnishes.

If you see this criminal mixologist in action, approach with an empty glass and an open mind. He’s been known to steal hearts and shake things up!

Meet the Miscreant: Jacob “Thirsty Tinkerer” Livingston

Wanted for Pouring Perfect Potions!

Alias: Thirsty Tinkerer
Occupation: Youngest and Thirstiest of Mad Scientists
Mugshot Moniker: Crafting cocktails with a sprinkle of mischief and a dash of daring.
Signature Offense: The Illegal Sale of Alcohol, served with youthful enthusiasm.

Jacob Livingston, our prodigious prodigy behind the counter, is the youthful maestro of mixology. With a mischievous grin and a knack for concoctions, he’s guilty of pouring perfection one cocktail at a time.

Known Accomplices: Shakers, Stirrers, and a relentless pursuit of flavor.

Despite his tender years, Jacob’s talent flows as freely as the drinks he crafts. Barely overage but highly qualified, he’s the toast of the town and the life of the party!

Meet the Imposter: Lexi “The Mimic” Martell

Wanted for Impersonating Public Officials with Flawless Finesse!

Alias: The Mimic
Occupation: Model Extraordinaire & The Face of Mugshot Mischief
Mugshot Moniker: Posing for Perfection, One Click at a Time
Signature Offense: Impersonation of Public Official, with Style!

Lexi Martell, the enigmatic enchanter of our establishment, is wanted for crimes of resemblance and elegance. With her captivating charm and striking presence, she’s the face of our frolicsome den of delights.

Known Accomplices: Cameras, Catwalks, and a wardrobe worthy of a silver screen star.

Despite her “alleged” offenses, Lexi brings more than just a pretty face to the table. Her ability to capture attention and command the room makes her an invaluable asset to our mischievous crew. From the runway to the “rum”way, she’s the embodiment of glamour and guile!

Meet the Gorilla in the Mix: Scar “The Lounger” King

Wanted for Unapologetic Lollygagging & Unleashing Roaring Rum Revelry!

Alias: The Lounger
Occupation: In-House Gorilla & Rum Royalty
Mugshot Moniker: King of Chill, Master of Mellow
Signature Offense: Loitering with an Unbridled Love for Rum!

Scar King, the undisputed sovereign of serenity and sippin’, is wanted for crimes of lingering lightheartedly. With his laid-back demeanor and a penchant for rum, he’s the silverback sensation of our spirited sanctuary.

Known Accomplices: Coconuts, Cabanas, and a hammock that never sees a dull moment.

Despite his “alleged” offenses, Scar brings a barrel of fun to our haven. His unrivaled talent for the art of relaxation is the cornerstone of our chilled-out atmosphere. When it comes to rum, he’s not just a sipper; he’s a reigning ruler of the relaxation realm!

Meet the Alchemist of Libations: Scott “The Bootlegger” Beierle

Wanted for Crafting & Concocting the Finest Spirits in Town!

Alias: The Bootlegger
Occupation: Distiller & Mastermind of Liquid Alchemy
Mugshot Moniker: Libation Luminary, Sultan of Spirits
Signature Offense: Bootlegging with a Twist of Genius!

Scott Beierle, the maestro of mixology and concoctor extraordinaire, is on the lam for the “criminal” act of bootlegging brilliance. With an illicit arsenal of bubbling beakers and gleaming copper stills, he’s the brains behind the brew at our clandestine distillery.

Known Accomplices: Flasks, Funnels, and the occasional whiskey barrel that mysteriously empties.

His pursuit of the perfect potion has led to whispers of crafty concoctions and underground elixirs that tantalize the taste buds. When it comes to spirits, Scott is not just a distiller; he’s a fearless alchemist, blending science and art to create libations that leave patrons in awe.

Meet the Enchantress of Excitement: Shiloh “The Rumrunner” Perry

Wanted for Sailing the Seas of Spirited Marketing & Bar Wizardry!

Alias: The Rumrunner
Occupation: Marketing Director, Bar Maven, and Connoisseur of Libations
Mugshot Moniker: Captain of Creativity, Maestro of Mixology
Signature Offense: Rumrunning with Flair!

Shiloh Perry, the maven of marketing and captain of our cocktail ship, has earned her stripes on the high seas of spirited adventures. Branded as the notorious Rumrunner, she’s the mastermind behind the allure and charm that surrounds Big Dog Distillery & Tiki Bar.

Known Accomplices: Swizzle sticks, Pineapple garnishes, and a flair for the dramatic.

Her legendary escapades in mixology and marketing have elevated our establishment to legendary status. With a penchant for crafting the most mesmerizing libations and orchestrating unforgettable events, Shiloh ensures every sip is a voyage into the extraordinary.