Heart River Moonshine

Big Dog Water

Introducing Dog Water, a refreshing and delicious ready-to-drink cocktail from Heart River Spirits. Crafted with REAL blueberry moonshine, sourced and distilled in the heart of Bismarck, ND, and perfectly paired with tangy pink lemonade, this drink is the ultimate companion for your summer adventures.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with the NDSU Bison for the next two years, bringing you a drink that celebrates the spirit and pride of North Dakota. Whether you’re tailgating, relaxing by the lake, or simply enjoying a sunny day, Dog Water is the perfect way to savor the moment and support your favorite team.

Grab a can and let your puppies run with Heart River Spirits!

Big Dog Pops: Adult Frozen Treats!

Introducing Big Dog Pops! Freeze our refreshing Dog Water—a blend of REAL blueberry moonshine and pink lemonade—into popsicles for the perfect adult frozen treat. Cool down with a boozy twist and savor the delightful fusion of tangy pink lemonade and moonshine-infused blueberries. Ideal for summer parties or a relaxing day at the tiki bar, Big Dog Pops are the fun and tasty way to beat the heat!