Heart River Moonshine

Blueberry Moonshine

Heart River Spirits is proud to partner with North Dakota State University to bring you Heart River Spirits Blueberry Moonshine. Our Blueberry Moonshine is made from all natural flavors and colors. By infusing the blueberries in the jar itself, you will have both a talking piece and a potent snack with your moonshine.

Each jar is handled by a Big Dog Distillery team member with our high standards in mind. This spirit is sure to have you experimenting with cocktails or warming up by the campfire.


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Booze-berry Fun!

Wondering what to do with the leftover boozy blueberries from our Blueberry Moonshine? Enter Booze-berry Roulette! This unique twist on the classic shot game involves combining Booze-berries with fresh blueberries, then dividing them into 16 shot glasses. Players can either use a roulette-style wheel or take turns picking glasses. Some contain Booze-berries, while others have fresh blueberries. It’s a fun way to enjoy your Blueberry Moonshine and promises laughs and surprises with friends!