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Heart River Daiquiri


Heart River Silver Rum, hand-squeezed fresh lime juice, curacao, orange juice, cane sugar. An interesting blend of rum and citrus taken from an actual 1935 recipe via the Bar La Florida, Havana, Cuba.

Heart River Breeze


Heart River Coconut Rum, cranberry juice, fresh orange juice, pineapple juice. An absolute must-have. We’ve been told it’s a euphoric blend that awakens your deepest senses.

Heart River Mai Tai


Heart River Silver Rum, Original Rum, orange curacao, pineapple juice, sweet and sour. This is a must for Tiki culture. Its name “Mai Tai Roa Ae” literally means “Out of this world – the best in Tahitian, how can they be wrong?!

Tiki Libre


Heart River Spiced Rum, Coke, fresh-squeezed lime juice. This might be the drink that gets you to let the puppies run.

Tiki Heartini


Heart River Coconut Rum, vodka, pineapple juice, grenadine. A Tiki twist on Patty’s favorite, out with the dry-in with the tropics

Rum with the Dog


Heart River Cinnamon Rum, cherries, Dr. Pepper, cane sugar. One of these and you’ll never look at Dr. Pepper the same again. The cherries and cane sugar make the ole Pepper pop.

Old Cuban Heart


Heart River Original Rum, fresh-squeezed lime juice, fresh mint leaves, simple syrup, bitters Big Dog Tiki’s twist on your Dad’s Old Fashioned.

Heart River Zombie


Heart River Original Rum, Silver Rum, 151 Rum, fresh-squeezed lemon and lime juice passion fruit syrup, simple syrup, grenadine, bitters. A delicious mix of rums, citrus and sweets. This tropical cocktail definitely lives up to its name. You may want to limit 1 per visit.

Banana Heart Daiquiri


Heart River Silver Rum, fresh banana, fresh-squeezed lime juice, banana liqueur, triple sec, cane sugar. Afresh take on the banana daiquiri. Sweet, with just the right mix of citrus. Like a banana pillow for your tongue.

Heart River Bahama Breeze


Heart River Original Rum, Coconut Rum, banana liqueur, apricot liqueur, fresh-squeezed lemon juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, grenadine and honey. A centuries old concoction straight from the Bahamas. Taste how the Pirates beat the tropical heat even if it’s -10°!

Porch Puppy Colada


Heart River Silver Rum, cream of coconut, crushed pineapple. Sweet blend of rum and coconut. A dessert in a glass for your taste buds.

Tiki Apple Moonshine Smash


Heart River Apple Moonshine, banana liqueur, simple syrup, and pineapple juice. We brought the favorite drink from the hollers to the Tiki!

Blueberry Bluetini


Heart River Blueberry Moonshine, Fresh Blueberries, lemon juice. sweet n sour, simple syrup, and pineapple juice. Take your taste buds from the brambles to the beach with this one!

Tiki Javatini


Heart River Coffee Rum, Kahlua, cream of coconut. The Big Dog says this one will get you off the porch!

Tiki Chips and Fresh Mango Salsa


A perfect combo of sweet and spicy with a tropical flair.

Crab Rangoon Tiki-Style Wonton Shells


Filled with a tasty blend of crab meat and cream cheese. Almost the “Perfect” Appetizer.

Big Dog Wontons


Savory wontons stuffed with duck bacon. Who could resist wontons and zombies?

Big Dog Dog


A gourmet dog topped with a tropical salsa. We put the tropical tail on the Big Dog.

Big Dog Key Lime Pie


A tasty combination of sweet and bitter. One bite and you’re transported to Smathers Beach in Key West, Florida.